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Social Responsibility Comes Naturally To Us

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a buzzword amongst the business fraternity today. But we have always felt a strong social empathy in our organisation. We believe that that if genuine emotion that comes straight from the heart is not part of serving the less fortunate sections of society, then a certain hubris creeps in. Your patronage to us is more than business, it is also a cause that helps us fulfil our social responsibilities, which reminds us daily to dedicate ourselves to serving society. We remain conscious of the injustice and disparity in the world, where despite sharing the same air, water and soil, one section wastes food regularly while another does not get even one square meal a day, This pricks our conscience at all times as we strongly empathise with the the pain and suffering of the less fortunate. We pray for this to be a constant reminder at the very core of our existence, so that we can manifest it in the sincerity of our actions.

An empty stomach is not conducive to learning. So providing food and nourishment to 118 little children between classes not only brings them happiness but also incentivises them to come to class.

The elders are like our own family. In the far-flung villages of the Sunderbans, they do not even have blankets to keep warm in cold weather. We are there for them to give them what they need.

The orphans today are the potential leaders of tomorrow, and we are there to help them realise their dreams to help them achieve their true potential.

When a devastating fire in a Kolkata bustee cruelly snatched away from the residents not just their livelihood, but also everything they need – food, clothing and shelter – we were there by their side to help them rebuild their lives.

The boat, stacked with food, clothes, potable water and medicines are going into the remotest parts of the Sunderbans, swept away by the fury of 2009 Cyclonic Storm Aila, cutting them off from any rescue ot access to help.

The super cyclonic storm Amphan ravaged entire villages in the coastal region of Bengal, destroying not just homes but also livelihoods. We tried to make a difference to their most basic needs, however small, by helping build roads and bridges as well as toilets, and most importantly, wells for potable water.